140613 Copenhagen

The Plan

Today join us for an Included city tour of Copenhagen.  This afternoon choose one of the following Included SCENIC FREE CHOICE tours: (1) enjoy a harbour cruise of Copenhagen’s romantic canals; or (2) visit the Carlsberg Brewery.  SENIC ENRICH: Tonight we enjoy a memorable dinner at the local restaurant in the Tivoli area. FB,HD

Some Information

Denmark’s population is 5.6 million.  Greater Copenhagen’s population is nearly 2 million.     Over the years, Copenhagen has been known to be a fishing, merchant, agriculture town.  It heads the gateway to the Baltic Sea.  There are over 94,000 students in its universities and they come from all over the world.  Known as a bicycle city, bicycles have right of way even over pedestrians. When you cross the street, watch out for fast moving silent bicycles that just may bowl you over.

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and consequently has no president. There is a Danish Queen as head of royalty and her husband is French. A single chamber government governs the country. The government is made up of 179 members from 8 different political parties. Currently, a minority government is in power.

How the Day Turned Out

For us, the day starts out a bit embarrassing as the clock on our TV is running 10 minutes slow.  This means breakfast is rushed before the commencement of our tour of the city in our coach.  Our driver is John and our city guide is Anne.  Anne speaks very good English and at times I think of her as a storyteller to elementary school students telling the fables of Hans Christian Anderson.

A city tour is a time when you get to see the major attractions of the city and a little of the history of it.  Copenhagen’s fortress has literally been re-built three times after citywide fires.  The first fortress had wooden chimneystacks and burned down after 50 years. The new fortress also had wooden chimneystacks and burned down again after a further 50 years.

Denmark is well known as a maritime nation with 10% of ships at sea having been built here in Denmark and 20% of all ships have bits and pieces that were designed and created in Denmark. However, there is very little ship building in Denmark today. There will be 400 calls by cruise ships during this summer.

We visit the Rosenborg Castle to check out all the artifacts and wealth of past monarchs. We also visit the residences of the monarch and the next in line, and just as we arrive, the queen is on her way out for an engagement. The flag on the roof has come down but the flag on the roof of Prince Frederick is waving which indicates that he is home with his wife Princess Mary from Tasmania. The changing of the guard takes place while we are being told of the formalities of the residences.

We pass the stock exchange, the parliament and various other old buildings of note that enhance the history of Denmark. On the banks of the river, are some more modern buildings, a marked contrast indeed; one being called the black diamond because when the sun shines on the black glass windows, there is a twinkling similar to a diamond.

Lunch is a ‘buy at a café’ before we board a canal boat for a tour of the city from the water level. We pass lots of colorfully painted houses and houseboats along the way.

Our time is now free until 6:30pm so we choose to walk back to the hotel along the car free street in the direction of the hotel. It sure is a busy city, with many buskers doing their craft to enhance the visit to the city by the many tourists. Four of us stop at the best hotel in the world. It is called Hotel Chocolate. Mmmmm! Chili hot chocolate sounds interesting and, it is very nice.

The Tivoli Gardens is the chosen place for our Scenic Tours farewell dinner. The area of Tivoli Gardens is a fairytale experience for all ages taking up a very large section of the city. There are roller coaster rides and show-like games with many restaurants to enjoy. We take a stroll around the gardens before our evening meal arriving back at our hotel around 11:00pm.

Senior’s Moment of the Day

Bob was so kind. On our return from the canal excursion, we stopped but the Hotel Chocolate for a taste of Danish Hot Chocolate – would you believe, chili Hot Chocolate.  His benevolence exceeded his intentions as he went to pay for the experience.  What a pity  the cashier didn’t accept his room key as payment.


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