140615 At Sea

The Plan

Spend a leisurely day on board the ms Eurodam and familiarise yourself with the ship’s extensive facilities of simply relax on deck. FB,L,D

How the Day Turned Out

Because we will be out of range of free Wifi and the ship’s internet connection is .75 per minute, the posts will not necessarily be posted daily from now on.

Getting on a cruise boat is just a little different in boarding an international flight. There is no luggage weight allowance and we have to receive keys to rooms. A declaration of our current health status is signed and our accounts are all confirmed for use on board. All the staff is friendly and happy to have us join them on the cruise.

The Eurodam is a Holland America ship and is in a fleet of 15 vessels. It was built in 2008, cost $447 million dollars and weights in at 87,000 tonnes. There are 929 crew serving 2104 passengers. Total number of meals each day is in the vicinity of 12,000 meals, yes, some have more than 3. Who wouldn’t? They are all included.

We set sail at 4:30pm, a little later than planned, as a group of people couldn’t leave the airport before declaring their lost baggage in transit. Those passengers have been fitting themselves out with clothing from the on-board shop to get them to the next port, Tallinn in Estonia, before their luggage catches up with them – they hope. On exiting Copenhagen, a wind-farm located in the ocean on our right, is spinning away creating electricity for the power grid.

Our first full day on board is a full day at sea. We are travelling along at just 12 knots in calm waters with blue sky. There are many ‘shows’ and learning experiences held today. Information about the coming ports is provided and what day excursions are available in Tallinn and St Petersburg. Lyn and I went to a Microsoft seminar on how to use the digital cameras; more for Lyn than myself but Lyn picked up some pointers. There is time on the sundeck although the temperature is a bit on the chilly side.

We take an afternoon nap before I take an acupuncture appointment to see if that type of treatment will help my Meniere’s disease. My therapist Brad, has treated ‘at least 10’ with Meniere’s saying that some had had no positive response at all. However, he inserted 18 needles around my body and I lay there for 30 minutes or so. Brad said that by being on holiday in a relaxed mood like on a cruise, acupuncture seems to have a higher success rate. So this will be an interesting exercise. I have the option of 2 or 3 further treatments to get them at a discounted ‘cruise’ rate.

It didn’t take long to realise that we had left Norway – the food, in presentation and in quality, hit the top of the scale at the first meal. The attendants are all friendly and welcoming and do take care of us very well.

Tomorrow, we berth at Tallinn in Estonia. Our plan is to get around on our own and hopefully get back to the ship early to enjoy the great lifestyle.



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  1. Great to hear everything is going so well for you and your group. Your blog has brought back many memories of us travelling the same places years ago. Safe travelling and enjoy the cruise.
    David & Elaine

  2. Lovely to see you guys having a wonderful time….the meals look yummy! Hope the acapuncture helps you Fritz…….Love the wind farm over the water…..

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