140620 Stockholm

The Plan

Extending across 14 islands, Stockholm is considered one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. FB,L,D

Some Information

The Island City of Stockholm only became the capital of Sweden in 1634. It is now the country’s financial and business centre, with a population of around 1.4 million. Stockholm is well known for its many museums, including one of the latest, the ABBA Museum.

The entry harbour into Stockholm is extremely picturesque and the departure is just the same. There are many islands in an archipelago stretching to the ocean taking over 4 hours to pass through.

There is an old town, Gamla Stan, known as the “city between the bridges”. There are many cobblestoned lanes and winding alleys in so many places. Often, the houses seem to meet overhead. The narrowest of all, is less than 1 m wide.

How the Day Turned Out

We have two days in Stockholm arriving in the harbour around 3:30am but not venturing into Stockholm until around 8:00am. The ship makes a long winding trip very slowly manoeuvring between the islands along the way. Oh no! Another one of those days for me so I take up my spot leaning against the wall of the bed while Lyn ventures off into the city on another hop-on hop-off bus and boat.

Today is a public holiday from around 11:00am to welcome in summer, so many of the shops and activities we closed. I managed to get my balance around 2:00pm and ventured off to find a free Wi-Fi to publish the posts for the last few days. I walk around 3km returning to the ship around 5:30pm. I walk back with a guy from California who is on his 31st cruise in the last 3½ years. He is single, so if any ladies are out there that enjoy cruising ….

The show tonight is the HAL Singers and Dancers and they put on an excellent show – you would think you were at a stage theatre. At 11:30pm, I wake to a magnificent sunset. Then at 2:30am, I wake to the sunrise.

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