140621 Stockholm

The Plan

Enjoy a second day in this magnificent city. FB,L,D

How the Day Turned Out

This trip has been one where sleep is done if short spurts of 3-4 hours maximum. We wake at 5:30am and there is a magnificent blue sky outside. These sorts of days are a special invitation to get out and enjoy the city that waits. We walk in warm jackets, as it is still very cold. The traffic hasn’t really started yet, but the sun brings brightness to the day and helps make our impression of Stockholm one to remember. It is a long way towards the city but the scene is enjoyable. We find the Royal Palace that has a great view across the busy harbour. A toilet is found in the poshest hotel we can find. (Why not walk in as if you own it, just to find a loo?)

We walk across a bridge to a neat little island in the middle of the harbour. The sun is warming but still not warm enough to get the snow jackets off. On the island, you can view the Tivoli (Luna Park style amusement park). There is one ride, or should I say ALL rides, would never get on my list of must doo’s. This particular ride keeps the riders upside down for quite sometime – scary indeed.

The harbour has to be one of the busiest around with the many large inter-country ferries to Estonia, Helsinki, and Copenhagen coming into and out of Stockholm as well as the many sightseeing hop-on hop-off boats dropping passengers at the various parts of this very picturesque city. We hop on one and get back to the Eurodam in time for a burger and chips lunch beside the pool, looking out over the harbour.

Our afternoon is spent in the spa and pool area enjoying the warmth of the sun shinning through the pool cover. Before dinner, we commence the departure from Stockholm back up the most picturesque harbour with many beautiful homes located in the vegetation of the islands along the way. There are a number of ferries leaving Stockholm at the same time and so we have 5 vessels in a row travelling in convoy. Dinner is again at the Tamarind Restaurant, with that special view. Tonight, we dine with Chris and Margaret (a new friend that Chris has befriended – we may have to ‘done the YTJ purple lanyard’ on her before we part.


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