A story of a lost iPad

I am just a little fellow, silver in colour with a black leather protection case wrapped around me. It seems that my owner is very proud of me. He uses me for lots of things that I don’t know much about, as I just ‘do’ what he asks me to do. He takes the leather shroud away from my face regularly to perform browses of the internet, which I so efficiently provide responses to. I reveal to him his requests without charge, and without even passing that information to others because so much of the information I have is password protected.

On Friday, after he was doing further tasks on my face, he decided to go to have breakfast. He put me on the bench and then placed me in a little dark room, shut the door, and input the secret code to secure me in the box known as a safe. It was cold and dark in there and I didn’t like it at all.

While he was away, it must have been the cleaners that came and made a lot of noise in the room and the bathroom, getting the room tidy.

When he came back from breakfast, he looked for me on the bench but he could not see me – he must have forgotten that he put me in the little dark room with the security number ‘thingo’. After searching the room and getting frustrated, he left to go and report that I was missing.

And I was very scared. He was very upset and disappointed with himself. I was so wishing that he could have found me, as i do like him massaging my face whenever he takes off my leather cover.

I could hear him getting frustrated and he and his wife left, I presume to go to the security man to help with locating me. You see, I think he thought that the cleaner had taken me for his own personal use. I heard the security guy and the cleaner come into the room without my owner and they were looking everywhere for me. The cleaner told the security guy that he had noticed two iPhones on the bench being charged. (I wish I was in their place as I was running out of power too).

He and his wife came back into the room while the cleaner and security guy were in the room. The feeling in the air, came through the safe door and I knew that it was not good that these guys were doing a room search without my owner and his wife in the room too. Anyway, they did the extensive search including opening the safe and pulling all that other stuff out of the little dark box while i waited to be noticed. The cleaner and security guy left and further searches of the room and the safe were made, but still I was not noticed. “God give me legs so i can walk out to announce me ‘found'”.

My wishes were that he would remember that if he used one of the apps on his iPhone or computer, he would be able to send a message to me to start screaming. It took him a long time to remember this, and I had to remain in this little dark secure room with wallets and cameras and money and other useless stuff around me.

They left with my father, the Apple laptop, which I had heard him say he could not get into the internet with, because they were only allowed 4 devices to use the Wifi at the same time. He returned with the computer display open. He had used the App that allows him to send an instruction to ‘scream’. However, Mr Apple did not send the message straight away and so the ‘find my iPad’ did not work – at that time.

He went back to the Hotel Manager to show him what had been found on the ‘find my iPad App’ – that I had been used 2 hours ago. I heard that the Manager went back to the CCTV records and did further searches.

My owner came back to the room a couple of hours later after using the Hotel Business Centre to write a letter of complaint about the situation of the cleaner and this other guy doing a room search without my owner being in the room too.

He tried the ‘find my iPad’ App again and sent another message to me to scream. I received it and, did I scream? You bet. I was beside myself waiting for this ‘brain-fogged’ owner to wake up and send the ‘scream now’ message to me, because I just did not like being in this little dark box. He heard me screaming and opened the safe door, pulled all those other things out of the box, but not me. I kept screaming at the top of my voice. I could see him but he could not see me. I screamed louder.  He felt all around the safe box for me but no, he could not find me. Then he took the carpet out of the safe and eventually rubbed his hands around the wall of the safe and when he touched me, I fell over onto his hand and he was able to open my cover, key in the password, and stop my screaming. How relieved I was because my voice was getting hoarse. It was a great feeling to have him massage my face again as he keyed in the password. I then stopped screaming at the top of my lungs. He had finally worked out how to use the app that found me.

My owner was so happy! He went to the hotel manager and the cleaner and told them of his great find and apologised for all the turmoil he had put the hotel staff through. He was also happy that I am an Apple product which has the ‘Find my iPad’ app – a great way to find me.

“Please Mr, give me a real bright coloured leather case to live in so I can be noticed easily when I get lost.”


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