2016 Mekong River Cruise

2016 is not that far away. It’s “next year”. But we have to think ahead if we want to get our Group Tours on the go. We have planned two Group Tours for 2016, and we look forward to you joining us on at least one of them.

We are delighted to announce that we have reserved places on the brand new ship, “The Scenic Spirit”, which is being launched in April, 2016. This is a purpose built luxury ship for the Mekong with all one-bedroom suites having a private balcony. Beverages are complimentary ALL day and into the night; complimentary laundry; complementary free Wi-Fi; complementary airport transfers; and a butler to provide impeccable service for your needs.

It is always difficult but we have managed to secure space on the departure from Ho Chi Minh City, leaving 10 September. However, the rooms are filling up fast and the ‘cheaper rooms’ have already been taken. Even the dearest rooms have both been taken. In that there are only 34 cabins on the ship, we wish to advise that you need to make a booking as soon as possible to be guaranteed a cabin at the cheapest available on the day of booking.

Take a good read of the Flyer attached to see just what is included in the itinerary. Sounds great to me!

Mediterranean Cruise

Also in 2016, we are putting together a 24 day cruise around the Mediterranean, embarking in Venice and disembarking in Barcelona or, in the reverse direction for the second quarter 2016.  The intention is that you can get off the ship half way through the cruise, if you wish, or join half way through. This enables you to add another dimension to seeing Europe, which we can help you with. So if you are interested, let me know and have your name/s registered early to get the pick of the cabins. You may like a family reunion cruise – now that’s an idea!

Make contact just as soon as possible if you want to join me on either or both of these tours.

What do we do that most other travel agents don’t do for their groups?

1. We come along with you.

2. We post daily to our website all what you have enjoyed for the day. This enables your family and friends to enjoy the tour with you.

3. We produce a DVD of the tour FREE.

4. A photobook takes a long time to put together. If you want to purchase the one we produce, you are quite welcome to order.

5.We give personalised care and service along the way and should any bad news come through from home, we are there to assist in any way to make the news less painful.

6. It is our goal for you to enjoy the journey and so we are there to laugh with you and be your friends into the future.

Lyn Spain

Click on the link below for a copy of the Flyer for the Mekong River Cruise

2016 Mekong Flyer

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