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First of all, did anyone notice a mistake in the third paragraph yesterday? If you did, great! What was it? And what should it be? No hints at this stage.

We are surely grateful for a knowledgeable young guy in the Clearwater Tourist Information Centre. As I said earlier, I had been given a tip-off to visit Clearwater. We now know the reason, as the day turned out to be a brilliant “waterfall viewing” day. He said it would take two and a half hours. We stretched it out to 6, as we have become accustomed to do. Of course, there was a nap thrown in there at some stage, and ice cream to finish off the day.

Each waterfall was different in its own way. The first, Spahats Falls, seemed to come down a canyon and out through a hole before a drop into the river. The second, Dawson Falls, was a very busy noisy waterfall, with much water flowing over large boulders creating a lacy effect. The Helmcken Falls, were the type where, when you come upon, you can do nothing but stare at the scene before you. It’s the sort of scene you have to ‘take in’ before even taking the camera out for photos. We fell in love with it. The Niagara Falls are described as being wide with an enormous amount of water flowing over them. The Helmcken have nearly three times the height of the Niagara Falls, but with much less water coming over them.

Of course, we did it again. Blue sky and warm sunshine came along with us.

We finished off the day with a 25th anniversary meal – again – at the campground restaurant looking over Dutch Lake.

Tomorrow is a long driving day to Whistler.


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