150608 Clearwater to Whistler

I was going to do just one more post for this trip but thought that you may like to see the locations split up a bit more than just a big bundle. It seems that the scenery is to blame for this but I’m sure you will agree Canada’s ‘back-country’ has lots to show off.

We left Dutch Lake at Clearwater quite early for us, 9:00am, headed for Whistler around 400km away. Taking back roads gives you scenes that the tourist doesn’t really get to see in a coach. In the camper, you get to stay or move on whenever you like, without any deadlines made by others. We climbed for 16kms up into the plateau region of Northern British Columbia and passed many beautiful lakes for many miles. We hardly noticed any rivers and absolutely no waterfalls like the day before north of Clearwater. A sign said, “cappuccino and coffee” so we took the directions and found a lovely little café on the edge of a lake with such a peaceful view. The payment made for the hot chocolates and cakes was excessive but then the location and view offered was superb. The drinks and cakes weren’t too bad, either.

We found a little town called “100 mile house”; yes, that’s the name of the town, named because it was 100 miles from the commencement of the Cariboo gold rush in the area at Lillooet. Driving around the town area, we noticed hanging baskets of petunias at each lamppost. At the visitors’ centre, we made the comment and the assistant there said that at the end of the season, the petunias reach down to the ground forming beautiful pillars of flowers around the town.

Whistler is still a long way from 100 Mile House, and we did want to find a spot in the busy campground for the night, so we ‘kept up with the speeding traffic’ as much as we could. The traffic never seems to keep to the said speed limit; it is always 10-20 kph over the limit. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter can sit on 110-115 with out a problem.

The landscape changes constantly and by the time we reach Lillooet, it is a lot like Queenstown, Tasmania; very little vegetation left barren from the Gold Rush Days. But then back to the majestic snow capped mountains and deep gorges with busy rivers feeding the snow melt towards the ocean. We notice a major problem that even though the roads are mainly well constructed. There is not a lot of vista viewing points along the way. There is so much beautiful landscape to photograph that Lyn has to poke the camera across me to shoot through my window as we are driving, at times.

We arrived at the Whistler RV Park around 7:00pm in time for an evening meal and a walk before bed.

Tomorrow, we are going up Mount Whistler in a gondola and then do the Peak to Peak experience.

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