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We have been so blessed on this 4-week adventure. The day of arrival into Vancouver was overcast and for two and half days after leaving Banff, we had rain. The rest of our holiday has been full-on blue-sky days, just magical in many ways. It was a pity that between Banff and Jasper and around to Maligne Lake, there was ‘inclement weather’ but, as one of the many Australian youth working in the tourist spots said, “This place has interesting views no matter what the weather.”

Whistler is no exception. Looking out the window from bed, the sky is ready for making our day perfect. The receptionist at the RV Camp had said that we had about a kilometre walk into Whistler, but it was a 30-minute brisk walk along the bike track and through the woods. The village is brand new from when the Winter Olympics were on in 2010. There are no cars and no smoking (That has to be the first town I have heard of that has a ban on smoking throughout – no exceptions). The walkways wind through landscaped gardens with lots of well kept brand name shops. As this is a snow village, there are lots of outdoor activity shops that get our attention. Jewellery shops are a plenty and Lyn’s Pandora collection has been extended.  This is a ‘bad’ town to bring your shopaholic wife.

Just yesterday was the last skiing day at Whistler and apparently, all the young people celebrated by dressing up in suits and fancy clothes going to the top of the mountain and snowboard and ski in their non-skiing attire; just one big end of season party.

Our trip up the mountain in the gondola brought us into the snowline. Work was going on to clear snow and enable the mountain tracks to be used for those who do wilderness trekking. We then travelled across to Blackcomb Mountain in the Peak-to-Peak gondola lift, a distance of 3.03 kilometres with the highest point above ground being 436 metres. The weather was calm and so very little movement in the gondola as we travelled across. As the ‘summer’ season is a good time to renovate and expand facilities, we could only do the crossing, look around and return to Mount Whistler. There were some marmots there entertaining the tourists.

While buying lunch, the Canadian guy serving me had been to Geelong a couple of years ago and been to a Cats vs. Carlton game. (He’s still trying to work out the rules.) But he did enjoy the spectacle of it all. He loves the Geelong area now and says he will return.

On our return down the mountain, we decided to go zip lining for tomorrow morning before heading back to Vancouver.

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