150609 Zip Lining

Zip lining sounds like something to do with a fly in a pair of trousers. But it isn’t. We had been recommended to do this venture by some folk around our age – retired. So we weren’t going to be outdone.

It was an early start for us, as our plan was to do the zip lining and then proceed on to Vancouver to clean the camper van ready for the following day’s return. The bus left at 9:00am for the venue up in the hills a bit.

After the initial ‘get-to-know-you’ chat, we were given the rules of this fun adventure. It was good that we had so many young people in the group as our grey hair (covered inside a blue hard hat – not to mention the bruises from the camper van) stood out for them to lend assistance if necessary. With all the equipment on our shoulders, we headed to the line up of ATV (4WD) vehicles for the ‘race’ to the top of the valley to start from the first of four zip lines.

I never knew what zip lining was. Lyn had done it in Singapore on a very short line and I hadn’t taken in what she was really talking about on her return. But the sky was brilliant again and the trees were green with new growth.  Twelve of us were ready to try out this new ‘thing’.

When you look down from the first tower to the end of the first run, you say, “What, me, sliding down that piece of wire for a kilometre and a half? You got to be joking!” The money was paid and we were told there was “no refunds”, so we just had to make good use of the expense.

We would be going on the parallel lines in two’s. After the first couple left the departure point, our stomachs seemed to settle a little. And as each couple left, the stomach settled even more. Then it was our turn. After double-checking that we were secure, the lever was released and we were off on our first exhilarating trip. With wind blowing in our hair, legs up in the air, screams of delight from Lyn, and me trying to photograph the event, we made it to the receiving platform. The brakes came on and up our legs swung in the air – “Wow! Fabulous! Where’s the next one?”

The next line was even longer and faster, and went between the trees although, from a distance, it looked as though one tree was going to go through me. By the time we reached the third, we were ready for anything – game as you can get. This one was the shortest but had a steep start and so we got up to full speed within 10 metres of the departure platform. Wind in the hair stuff – yes please!

I had thought that my Meniere’s problem might rear its ugly head but no – fabulous!

On the final line, they asked us in big letters along the way to ‘smile’ for the cameras. How could you not? Where did they hide these things when I was a kid?

What a great experience to finish off our fabulous camper van trip around British Columbia and Alberta, provinces of Canada. Being in a camper van saves the limits of travelling in a coach. No time deadlines and freedom to go where you wish on the day.

We made it back to Vancouver to clean the van and hand it over the next morning. One of the worst things to end a vacation was about to happen. Our flight left nearly 12 hours after our transfer to Vancouver Airport and then the flight to Sydney was a further 15 hours.

And so endeth a great 4 weeks in Alaska and Canada. Next trip! South America departing September 1. It’s not too late to contact Lyn and join the group of 21 happy clients.

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  1. Ooh this sounds like great fun…..so pleased that you have had a wonderful holiday….we have loved reading your posts and seeing all your pics…..thanks so much for sharing your adventures….safe flight home. 😃

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