150927 Buenos Aires

After the late night last evening, we were able to have a bit of a sleep in before taking a 10:00am tour of the Sunday Flea Market. Fortunately, we were able to walk the 5 or 6 blocks to this well-known South American Market instead of arranging a coach. It became busy as the morning wore on but we weren’t able to buy too much as the pick-pocket incident yesterday has put a damper on us taking money anywhere in this city. But that’s good really. The husbands are happy today.

After lunch, we took the graffiti art Scenic Free Choice optional tour. The tour should be called ‘street art tour’. This enabled us to  see some of the outer suburbs of the metropolitan region of the city. The local tour guide is part of a company that joins bland walls to artists and gets some interesting results. Graffiti itself is really only a signature of a person or group, but street art is something beyond the dreams of the graffiti artist who paints a wall that becomes aesthetically accepted within the community. Much graffiti is scrawled over a blank wall to the owners disgust. Because graffiti artists recognise the beauty of some of the street artists, they do not deface the street art by scrawling their ‘tag’ all over the street. Now, there’s something to be learned from that for many councils in Australia.

And so many street artists are being employed to make good the look of a graffiti messed up public, and sometimes private, wall. The artists seem to paint artistic messages with positive vibes, whereas the graffiti artists paint, in general, messages of protest. It can be protesting anything but rarely has a positive effect on what they are protesting about.

One of the most well know street artists in the world is an Australian who travels the world painting blank walls and picking up $1000 for a couple of days work.

In the evening, we had a meal together at the bar. Cramming up against each other, trying to juggle a meal can be rather chaotic indeed. This was proven when someone hit the table a bit hard and two drinks when spilling all over me and into Lyn’s shoes. Some would say, “it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy”. But the floor became very sticky indeed. I had zip-off trousers on and quickly became a ‘shorts wearing customer’ in a posh bar.

Tomorrow we fly to Iguazu falls and into Brazil.

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