150928 Buenos Aires – Iguazú Falls

If today doesn’t make someones bucket list, and you like to travel, I feel sorry for you. The Iguazu Falls can NEVER be overrated. They surpass the historical Victoria Falls in Africa in expanse, the Niagra Falls in USA Canada, and the majestic Helmcken Falls in Canada. The amount of water that was coming over the 275 individual drops was just sheer brilliant.

We had another early wake-up call to start our day today. We are leaving Argentina and heading to Brazil via the Iguazu Falls, Argentina side. The semicircular waterfall at the heart of this site is some 80 m high and 2,700 m in diameter and is situated on a basaltic line spanning the border between Argentina and Brazil.

Our guide is definitely Brazilian. It shows in how he promises that viewing the falls on the Argentinian side is not as good as the view from the Brazilian side. We are about to find out. As the sun is shinning onto the Brazilian side of the falls, we take the low walk along the cliffs to view them. Looking slightly up is astounding and puts us into perspective in that we are so small, in comparison. We then take a little train ride and walk about a kilometre across the river out towards where the falls start throwing water in copious amounts down the Devils Throat.

How amazing! There is a photographer waiting for us to take photos which will be ready at the end of the day. A good way for poor photographers to make money.

There are perfect little butterflies landing on our arms and clothes and one called the “double 8” as the wings have what looks like a double eight symbol.

Once our long walking tour is complete, our bus takes us to the border to both ‘leave Argentina’ and ‘arrive in Brazil’. This takes an hour or so and is a good time for another nap. We arrive at the hotel with a view of the falls just on sunset and try to take advantage of the sunset across the falls from the ‘bell tower’ of the hotel. Missed out!

For the first time since leaving the Amazon River Cruise, we have a buffet for dinner tonight and I can get a good sized plate load of vegetables and soup for a meal.

Tomorrow, we have an early morning walk along the river to the Brazilian side of the falls.


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