150929 Iguazú Falls

We had a much desired uninterrupted sleep last night – no wake up call at some unearthly hour. After a good breakfast, we crossed the road and walked towards the Iguazu Falls. This resort is the only one in the National Park. The park opens at 9:00am and if we get going early, we won’t have the thousands of other tourists around us while we visit this section of the falls. Just beside the road was a large tree and it had on one of its branches, a tucon. He looked great so I was busy videoing him when I realised that each time I hit the button to start filming, I was really stopping the shot of the sky and trees.  Bummer! but there was more tucon to come today.

The walk along the cliff and down to the lower parts of the cliff had some beautiful vistas to enjoy. I ended up well back from the rest of the group as we made our way towards the view of the falls from the Brazilian side. We ended up at the base of the falls walking out towards the centre of them. There was quite a bit of spray but not enough to keep the cameras away. The rainbows had a great day to perform and many were a complete half circle and deep in colour.

From the falls, we made our way by coach to the helicopter pad. It was a fabulous blue sky and the ride would be superb. We waited an hour before we could get on one of the two very busy aircraft. There was just 3 minutes from take off to above the falls and we did 4 passes of them before heading back to base.

Just across the road from the helicopter pad is a magnificent bird park, Parque das Aves. There were tucans, macaws, and many other very colourful South American birds. That was number ‘3’ of the 4 adventures for the day.

Just down the road from the bird park is the entrance to what turned out to be the most fun we had had on this trip. The adventure had been described as ‘taking a strong shower and getting very wet.’ Our guide kept mentioning this during the day and seemed to be putting the ‘willie’ up everyone. However, he was unsuccessful in that only two folk made the decision not to have a good clean. Preparing for the venture meant, having as little clothing on as possible with a life jacket over top. We were about to hit the waterfall, at the base. After the ‘pictures’ were taken, (they make more money by taking them – they are mounted and available at the end of the adventure, as well as a DVD), we were off in this rubber ducky, four abreast, with twin 200hp outboard motors on the back.

When we hit some waves along the way, we started to believe the comment “taking a strong shower”. As we enter the turbulent waters near the falls, we get indulged with water coming straight down from the edge of the top of the waterfall. Our driver listens to everyone, “AGAIN”. And he does another circuit. And again, and again – then one more. Our Tour Director takes a vote (she really wanted another trip into the wall of water). She won of course and off we went into the mist and water cliff again. Comments later were of the type, “the best experience of my life”.

Yes, of course, the DVDs and photos were ready for us as we came out of the park. What the stay at this park deserves is a third night for us to enjoy the surrounds of the resort and the park just a little more. Sorry, we can’t share any photos with you as it was suggested ‘too much water will damage your camera’.

Tomorrow is a late departure for Rio de Janeiro.


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  1. We can’t wait to experience this for ourselves next year. Thanks for the fantastic pictures and for wetting our appetites for our trip. Safe travelling home.

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