160501 Melbourne to Venice

Rarely do I start a post off with our Senior’s Moment Feature, but what happened while preparing for our flight came first, so it is written about first.

Senior’s Moment

It hadn’t occurred to Lynore but her passport was not amongst her set of documents, just as she was to commence boarding procedures for the first leg of the journey to Venice. Panic began to set in. While coming through immigration, which in Melbourne now, is all automatic, (non of those sad sack immigration officers to look at while at the counter). Lynore had recalled placing her passport into the scanner and accepting it back after the scan – she had to have, as her husband followed her and he would have collected it for her. Emptying your baggage in front of the waiting alighting passengers is not something one enjoys doing but Lynore became very adjutated in her search number one, number two, and number three. Not to be seen anywhere, we thought that just maybe, her departure from Melbourne was to be delayed 24 hours.

I do recall a similar experience of that sinking “I’ve lost my passport” experience back in Dubrovnik in 2012 so I was well versed in the procedures to follow. Calmness prevails. Take it “easy”.

The last of the passengers had filed through final boarding procedures so Lyn and I thought it was time to follow them down the escalator to the air bridge entry point. I thought I should ask if a passport had been handed in and the clerk had it in his hand about to make an announcement. Staff nearby had two way radio to the upstairs clerk and were able to advise that Lynore could proceed to the gang way.

How delighted Lynore is to have found, “that which was lost”. I’m sure her journey will be a little more of a “where’s my passport” kind of experience. We hope you can enjoy the cruise around the Mediterranean.

The Post

Emirates EK405 departed Melbourne on time with 12 (eventually) happy passengers bound for a 21 day cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. We touched down in Singapore followed by a 4 hour stopover in Dubai before heading on towards Venice.

The airport transfer in Venice is one of the uniquest you can enjoy. After a walk to the water taxi rank, we speed across the water headed for the canal laden city of Venice. Our drop-off point was just near our hotel which made things easier for Kevin. Kevin damaged his ankle a few days before departure and has on, for protection, a moon boot. There are very few lifts in Venice and the rooms can be very tight to move around in. Anyway, we had a short ‘catch-your-breath’ rest before exploring the narrow avenues of the very busy tourist mecca. Some lay on the bed for a snooze and woke after 5 hours sleeping in their clothes.

Tomorrow, we take a boat trip to Murano and Burano.

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