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Today is a ‘free’ day. However, this town has much to offer for anyone. We have been to Venice a few years ago and today, we both said, “yes, we could return again”. The weather has been very kind to us with a clear blue sky and warm from the sun.

After the fiasco last night at the restaurant, we woke around 3:00am to start the wheels turning in the supplier’s offices to get the meal vouchers sent again. It had never occurred to us that once you have printed out a voucher for some suppliers that you can print a second copy, but fortunately we were able to have emailed a second set. We were on our way to picking up the cash in exchange for the vouchers.

When that was settled in our minds, and the first two posts were published, it was time to clear our minds by going for a long walk – well, it turned out to be a long walk because we got lost. We found many alleys where tourists have been lost before, I’m sure. 90 minutes of walking was a big hole in the 10,000 steps a day goal.

After breakfast, the sun’s warmth told us it was going to be a bonza day. There are quite a number of areas of the town we had not ventured into before (a bit like the early morning walk). We hadn’t been near the very busy Grande Canal, so off we ventured after collecting the money from the restaurant. They were very good and patient with us about it all, and so I will put up a Travel Advisor post on their restaurant for them.

When we climbed one of the highest points in the town, the bridge over the Grande Canal, the colours of the waterway was turquoise and ready to be enjoyed. After the photos, we climbed down to the café on the shore for what turned out to be a light lunch – toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches with a large dob of thousand island dressing. All good while watching the boats and water taxis pass by.

We needed to see more of the Grande Canal, so caught the ‘water bus’ which took us to the Rail Station and the wharf where cruise boats tie up. There weren’t any in port today but still the town had multitudes of tourists. On arrival back in St Marks Square, you tell where all the locals were – serving the thousands of tourists who were eager to purchase souvenirs and nick-nakes.

A day like today requires an nice ice-cream to wrap the tongue around – pistachio, tiramisu, and cookies and cream went down well. Our hotel is no more than a ¼ kilometre from the main town square the outside chairs became our resting place for the next 2 hours. A celloist was practicing all her repertoire for all the passers by.

Senior’s Moment

Lynore was wondering how the fire trucks got on with carting the water to the fire in their fire-boat. “Do they really need any?” we asked. I’ll leave you all to sort out Lynore’s problem for her.

Take a look at this time lapse video to see how busy the Grande Canal gets. Taken with an iPhone and hand-held.

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