160507 Commence Mediterranean Collection Cruise

Today is ‘embarkation day’. To many in our group, this will be the first cruise they have ever been on. Some are in trepidation, some are excited. Some have failing memories and forget where important documents are just as we are about to be processed before boarding. No names are to be mentioned but, yes, Lyn goes out of her way to ensure that all is good. Wow! She’s a good travel agent. Where would you be without a good travel agent. Answer: “On your own”.

This is the largest ship we have cruised on and has definitely been the fastest embarkation processing we have encountered. I noticed that when people board an Airbus 380 aircraft or similar , they appear to have a “got to sit in this thing for 14 hours” face. Passengers embarking on a ship have a “i’m excited about boarding this holiday vessel.” So why not try cruising, if you haven’t before, to enjoy a happy holiday. We will not have to pack a suitcase for 21 days; and see 17 cities of Europe in that time.

The vessel we are now on is the Royal Princess, a sister ship of the Regal Princess with a similar layout and features. In some way, we like the smaller ships, the first being that we cannot walk the circumference of the ship on the ‘Promenarde Deck’; we have to go to Deck 17 to the walking track for our morning 5km walk. However, there is so much more to this ship in other ways. You can get lost on this ship very easily – there are over 3000, passengers and 1000 staff.

The rooms are ready when we embark but the luggage will be delivered later in the day. We take ourselves to what is a central part of the ship, the eating area. It is here that many say they have spent a lot of money so they may as well use this facility exceptionally well. They could be here at any time of the day and into the evening for their continued sustenance. After a check on the food variety, I decided on a little indian ‘made up’ meal but there was so much to choose from, one could never end up enjoying all that was being offered at the one sitting.

There was a few hours to ‘kill’ before our sailing time and that was taken up checking out the layout of the inside area of the ship; the outside can wait until it decides to stop raining. Our departure from Barcelona, happened in the rain around 6:00pm. After the evening meal, we had to ‘kill’ some more time while waiting for the evening show. To our amazement, we both went to sleep during the ventriloquist’s performance; a good sign really.

Tomorrow, we visit Cartagena.

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