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We visited this port during the first week of our cruise and hired a cab to check out Sorrento and the ruins at Pompeii. Today, we decided to take a fast ferry across to Capri – that island where you often find the ‘rich and famous’. However, they are out numbered by the ‘other’s trying to be in the right place at the right time for a selfie with one of them. If you travel by coach or cab to Sorrento and then ferry across to Capri, there would not be too little time to really experience the island, so the fast ferry hydrofoil was the obvious choice when it came to mode of transport.

Capri has a very busy port as ferries arrive regularly with over 600 passengers at a time. Our ferry was very full mainly of day tourists, as I said, “looking for the rich and famous. (We didn’t see any).

Thanks to the weather provider, we enjoyed bright sunshine with a hint of cloud around. After arranging a meeting point and time with the other 5 travellers in this venture, Lyn and I wandered in a direction where we hadn’t been on our previous trip to the island. After a purchase of some more pandora, we found a very busy intersection where cars and buses were required to negotiate a roundabout. It was only one lane and was the place where four areas of the town’s traffic needed to negotiate no matter where they wanted to travel. There are 70 taxis, 40 government buses and 40 private buses on the island.

After lunch at a ‘swish’ restaurant looking over towards some ‘rich and famous’ homes, we met up with Lynore and Tony and hired a taxi for an hour to see the other parts of the island that tourists rarely care to check out. Well worth the find, indeed. He took us to many different spots where buses cant get into due to the narrow lanes and roadways. He was saying that he had never heard of a fatality on the roads of Capri and if the tourists were encouraged to drive, there certainly would be. Driver’s etiquette is paramount when being confronted on a hairpin or sharp bend.

We had pre-booked our return journey to Naples for 2:50pm in order to beat the ‘tourist rush’ back. Some travellers took a nap for the duration of the transfer.

It was dress-up night tonight so no guarantee Lindley would be turning up to show off his bow-tie (Does he have one?). After dinner, we found a seat in the Princess Theatre to be entertained by a new group of guys who had arrived on the ship this morning. I was close to going to sleep a few times as their act and music was similar to a group we had last week. No original music at all – just trying to imitate groups from by-gone days.

The Marriage Game in the Princess Live theatre turned out to be very funny. One question to the wives was “where did you experience the most romantic time of your marriage?” Just as one wife announced her answer “on the billiard table”, her two late teen sons walked in and she nearly fainted. It was priceless. The boys wont be playing billiards again without a smile on their faces. And would you believe the husband’s most romantic experience was different to his wife’s. So now we know of ‘two’ times. Lol!

Tomorrow is a sea day as we head ‘home’ to Barcelona passing through the straits between Corsica and Sardinia.

To find inspiration, look to the horizon.

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