120516 Venice 16 May Wednesday

Today is not such an early start, as we are not moving out of Venice.  Today’s breakfast has been the best so, although we expect to be treated like royalty while on the cruise which starts in two days time.

Our walking tour around St Mark’s Square is somewhat adjusted due to the constant rain this morning.  However, we are shown around the castle and into the church.  You could say that ABC is a common thing each day:  Another B Castle, Another B Church (ooops!).  We have free time during lunch so we walk ‘the other direction’ to see other parts of Venice.  One must be careful which lane you take because there just could be no bridge at the end of it and you have to U back and into another lane to cross the canal that just baulked you.  We find a nice little café that looks like it is serving sandwiches.  Would you believe, two other couples from our group have found the same café ahead of us?

At 2:30pm, we catch a boat across to two of the islands and also do a ‘Cook’s Tour’ of the outer parts of Venice.

The first island we visit is Muramo.  We are shown into a room where they make glass ornaments.  A demonstration is presented and everything turns out just fine; the little bird looks great.  Then we are ushered into the shop where is displayed many of these ‘glass blobs’ that resemble animals or people or whatever.  The price?  Well beyond us.  A clarinet was going for 28,000 Euro – it is still there.   Some of the group purchase and have the goods sent direct from Venice.

In the distance, we see snow capped mountains and are told that just over the peaks is Austria.  There is a very cold wind blowing and the snow is the reason.

The second island we visit is Burano.  This is an island know for the production of good quality lace.  We watch a young lady, doing some work on a butterfly and then, yes you guessed it, into the shop we go.  Although the prices are much lower than the glass factory, not a lot of purchases are made here.  The village has many canals through it and the houses are painted brilliant colors as you can see from the photos.  Lyn purchases some small pieces of ‘glass’ while I ‘stick’ with some almond toffee.

We arrive back at the hotel around 6:30pm, drop off the purchases and find a Hard Rock Café, (they have plenty of non-pasta meals), as we wander the streets some more. Our table looks out over a ‘parking lot’ for gondolas.  The boatmen are preparing the gondolas for the night.

Venice is made up of 36 islands and there are over 27 million visitors each year.  There are people from all parts of the world experiencing the city where ‘everyone should go to at least once in their lifetime’.

I must say that I have rarely seen many ‘senior moments’ from among the group.  However, today it is on me.  While browsing shops, I was venturing in to a photographic shop and walked straight into the glass door.  The shop assistants thought it was funny as did Val and Lyn.  Then on the boat, I had two:  one while the ship’s captain was hitching up the boat to the wharf, the end of the rope got me right on my front tooth.  If I wasn’t doing my usual ‘smile’ I would have ended up with a cut lip.  The second on the boat was I bumped my head on the roof of the boat while going for a seat; would you believe that all the group went ‘ooooooo’?

We plan for an early night as Thursday we start off the day before 6:00am bound for Perugia.

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