120517 Venice – Perugia 17 May Thursday

Today has started with brilliant sunshine.  Why didn’t it happen yesterday when we had so much more time?  Those interested in photography become busy taking photos in the sunshine before breakfast and our departure from Venice at 7:30am.  The quality of breakfast in Venice has been exceptional.

A water taxi transfers us to our coach and after all our baggage is loaded, we are off heading south towards where we are to have a demonstration of Balsamic vinegar and Lambrusco wine.  We learn how these specialties are made and some of us enjoy a sample of each product before moving to a restaurant for lunch.  Balsamic vinegar on cheese is interesting.  Balsamic vinegar is interesting.  And Balsamic vinegar on ice cream is even more interesting.  We are all vinegared out. By the time we need to board the coach, many of us are ready for pa-naps and nana naps – again!

We head towards Perugia.  There must be another 70 tunnels, which we travel through on our way.  Perugia is in the Umbrio Region and many of the building date back to days prior to Roman rule.  Our accommodation is near the main town square and is set on the top of a hill that gives us nearly 360-degree views.  Some of us find the swimming pool – well done it is too.  There are relics kept at the bottom of the pool that can be viewed while swimming – goggles required.

We had taken a group photo back at the Balsamic vinegar place and so I get some prints done to hand out at our final Italian dinner that is held tonight.  We have some great food for this dinner and some speeches are made and souvenirs are handed out.

One of our group has made up a verse of her impressions of our Tour of Italy.  Here goes.

To San Gimignano we all would love to go.

After racing around Sienna’s Campo, it’s a peaceful place to know.

No need to stress in Stresa, with peacocks on the grass.

The lovers in Verona are sure to make us laugh.

We will float along canals in Venice and hope the tides not high,

So we can stand in St Mark’s Square, and keep our both fee dry.

In Assisi we can say a prayer that Enzo (the driver) knows the way,

So we can reach the Roman Port to sail away.

It’s tough to be in Tuscany and now we all know why,

The time just flies and before we know it, we must say goodbye.

Other comments made about the trip around Italy:

”Capri”.  What a little treasure in the Isle of Capri is my number one site?

Sorrento, Sorrento on the sea, where mama made fresh pasta for me.  The bay of Naples kept calling “come back, come back to the Mediterranean Sea.  On the Isle of Capri Make love to me.”

Stresa – the lake is so beautiful and relaxing.  Stresa takes the stress out of life.

My Favorite – Tuscany.  Very Beautiful.  I could live there.

No particular favorite – Have enjoyed them all.

We are having a ball and will remember it all for evermore.

San Gimignano to me was terrific.  I liked the visual sights of farmlands and the tranquility of the town square and the medieval historic nature of the area.

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