110823 Bora Bora 23 August

The entertainment last night was the piano player.  He is from Argentine and with the band from the ship, Filipinos who do a really good job, he sent both Lyn and I to sleep.  So we choofed off to bed very early.

With beautiful sunshine and warmness in the air, our group separated for the morning; some to a small island, some for a walk up the street of Bora Bora, others on a truck ride around the island.  I went on our first photographers’ four-wheel drive excursion up into the hills around the island, looking for that perfect shot that all photographers admire.  We found a few and have been given hints on what sort of shot makes a good black and white and how to make the picture more appealing by where the subject can be located within the frame to make a ‘different’ shot.  One tip which I picked up was to take a landscape shot in a portrait frame with the subject down the bottom with lots of say, blue sky and cloud above.  Rather inviting shots turn up.

After a great lunch we sat around the deck getting more sun waiting for our jet boat ride into the sunset.  It was a jet boat but there were no seat belts and so we new it wasn’t going to be the jet-boat ride which you get in New Zealand.  It turned out to be a gentle ride to the outside of the reef with a chance to feed fish with bread, and along came numerous sharks.  The guide dived in and a guest from Italy followed.  The sharks are so well fed, they are not interested in the humans that often invade their territory.

We have had some great comments from the group about the cruise:

“The trip has been brilliant, the weather has been perfect and the food has gone on well.  The staff ratio of 1 staff to 1.5 passengers has been quite obvious with the service at the top of anyone’s list.”  Darlene

“I would agree with my wife – it pays to.  Everything has been very professional.” Leo.

“It’s been good to have so much ice-cream”, Rod.

“Absolutely fabulous, the small ship is much more personal than a large ocean liner”, John & Brenda

I have to say that we are all having a great time.  Except for Lorraine leaving her camera at the Radisson at Papeete she is also enjoying a different type of group trip that we have done together.

Tonight’s show was a fabulous event with our Tour Director performing her night-club act; great songs and great band backing her.  At the end, the band wasn’t allowed to stop playing, as the guests that stayed on wanted to dance to some great 1960’s rock-and-roll.  So we had a late night after our evening ‘sitting on the deck’ wind-down.

It’s great not to hear much about the politics of Australia.  The Tahitian way of life is a much better replacement.

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