110824 Bora Bora 24 August

Slept well and woke to a grey day.  Not worth getting up at 5:45am, as we have on the earlier mornings, to take sunrise pictures, so stayed in bed until after 7:30am.

Bora Bora is a little jewel of an island set within a wide barrier reef.  It is part of the Leeward Islands, and is the eroded cone of an extinct and extensive volcano.

Captain James Cook was the first westerner to sight Bora Bora in 1769.  The London Missionary Society arrived in 1820 and most of the islanders converted to Protestantism.

During WWII. 5,000 American troops were dispatched to the island (poor things) to establish a supply base for materials enroute to the Solomon Islands.  During that time they built a wharf at Farepiti and the airstrip on Motu Mute.

“Anyone who has ever been there wants to go back”, James Michener wrote of Bora Bora.  The first glimpse of Bora Bora is love at first sight.  Countless sailors, poets, adventurers, honeymooners and other romantics have claimed this little island as their own.

Today has been a rather slow relaxing day, with Sharlee, Lorraine, Brenda & John taking a ‘le truck’ tour of the island; a group played scrabble with Darlene winning hands down.  I sat in the sun on the pool deck taking in some more sun while reading the Australian and New Zealand news sheets which we receive at the door each morning.  Each nationality receives local news sheets of their location.

In the afternoon, some of us went out to an island to enjoy a dip in the ocean in some teal/turquoise water.  Very relaxing and to be in warm water is a treat after Melbourne’s cold winter.

As we departed Bora Bora for Moreea, the captain announced that the 15 hour trip will be quite windy with 3 metre waves between 12 mid night and 2:00am with high winds of force 10 (whatever that means).  Lyn has taken sea-sick tablets to combat the rolling effect – she hopes.

Tonight at 6pm, I had another photographers’ workshop.  The subject was using photoshop to ‘do’ up your photos after ‘a day out’.  Interesting!  One of the teachers has a business where he takes the photos and his wife, Helen, does graphic arts and design for corporations who need to re-do their ‘look’ and maybe all the upholstery needs upgrading or whatever.  I think they do VERY well.  We all had dinner together on the pool deck.

Tonight, we were entertained by the ship’s crew.  They are made up of mainly Filipinos with a dozen or so Tahitians and a few French who are the officers of the ship.  It was good.  The juggler had trouble with the leaning ship and ended up giving up trying his skills.

The ship is rolling around now, so I had better sign off and get to bed – try to sleep through the storm.

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