110825 Moorea 25 August

We arrived at Moorea at 7am this morning after a rather rough rolling transfer from Bora Bora.  Lyn made quite it well through the storm with me having to put up with her puffing and snoring during the night; lucky devil.  I lay awake for 5 or 6 hours.

Upon arrival to Moorea Island in the heart of French Polynesia, you will immediately be awestruck by its natural beauty.  Its jagged peaks, cloaked by lush greenery and encircled by the deep blue of the ocean and sky are everyone’s dream of Polynesia.

Over millions of years the island has eroded into cliffs and jagged peaks.  Perhaps the most famous peak to be seen on the island is that of Mouaroa, better know to many at Mitchener’s “Bali Hai”.

After Tahita and Bora Bora, Moorea received the greatest number of visitors, not only tourists but also inhabitants of Tahiti who enjoy spending their weekends and vacations on its white sand beaches.

Moorea is delightful!  We stayed on board during the morning and enjoyed the deck next to the pool.  I went to sleep while I had my left arm up around my head and ended up with some burnt flesh under my arm.  It is rather tender now.  Those who didn’t ‘do the deck thing’ managed to get in some trivia, American style.  Would you believe there weren’t many correct answers?

After another delightful lunch, we took a ‘yellow bus’ ride around the island.  The colors of the ocean were just glorious.  It is interesting that so many resorts have closed down since the Global Financial Crisis.  So if anyone wants to buy into the Tahitian Resort system, quite a few are on the market.  It is a pity really because these islands have so much to offer tourists.  Let us know if you wish us to organize another group next year to do a similar itinerary.

This evening was Polynesian night and so the meal had a Polynesian style to it and the evening show was performed by some of the locals from Moorea who provided lots of hip movement and drum noise.  It got a bit repetitive after a while.  We were nodding continuously and so when the end of the show arrived, it was straight off to bed with no dancing and skylarking.

Some of you have asked, “where’s the photos?”  Well, both Lyn and I have been taking lots of photos but the cost of the internet on the ship is $35 for 100 minutes and it gets used up quickly.  While I am in Auckland for a couple of day on my way home, I will try to set up a bit of a slide show for you and post it as a blog.

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