110827 Moorea 27 August

7:00am is an early start when you are on a cruise.  The Photographer’s workshop group left the ship by Zodiac to do a field trip to some of the spots our facilitators had chosen.  The reason for the early start was that they had gone to a lookout location at 3pm last year and the light wasn’t suitable for taking great photos.  They were right.  One of the facilitators has an iPhone app that when you point the phone in any direction it will show you where the sun is going to cast shadows at any chosen time of the day.  Very helpful!

One of the locations took us up some very hairy roads and hairpins to the top of a knoll looking out over the lagoon where our ship was anchored.  Well worth the Tahitian style of driving.  However, they say that Tahitian ladies are better drivers than the guys.  She did well.  One of the locations was at the Agricultural College where we could photograph fruits and beautiful tropical flowers.

While I was on this venture, the others either stayed on the ship or went ashore to visit the Hotel Les Tapaniers where they snorkeled and lay on the white sandy beach.  Not a lot of fish but colorful coral.

As we were leaving the ship at 4:00am and our baggage need to be outside our room by 11:30pm, we spent the afternoon packing ready to go for the morning.  There was a Captain’s Cocktail Party at 5pm, dinner at 7pm and a Tahitian concert at 9:30pm so we had to keep out ‘dress-up’ gear from our luggage – have to follow dress protocol on board ship, they tell me.  At the Captain’s Party, they auctioned off a navigational chart.  The raffle proceeds go to the crew welfare fund, which has enabled them to install DVD/TVs in all the crew quarters, bikes to use on land and various other things to help make their time off more eventful.

Our wake-up call happened at 3am and we were here at the airport at 4:30am for our 7am departure.  This has to be the slowest airport to exit – and we are only tourists!  Our group has been a good group with no one giving anyone problems.  The only real problem was that our transfers from ship to airport hadn’t been included in the fare.  At Auckland we start parting ways; Leo and Darlene to Sydney, Rod & Earlene to Brisbane, I stay in Auckland for 2 days and the other 7 are back to Melbourne.

All have had a great cruise; the food was great, the crew was perfect, accommodation was A1, no complaints at all.

I hope you have enjoyed these blogs each day (the pictures will be online within a week), so until next trip (have you made your booking with Lyn?) Au Revoir!

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