130407 Macon to Chalon-sur-Saone

Macon is in the ‘Golden Stone’ region of Beaujolais where we tour the vineyard of the area.  Quaint little farms, that have lovely little farmhouses, are everywhere – all of them the same yellow color. We visit a local wine vintner in the village of Oignt; They show us the very old cellar.  There are 21 barrels each containing 5,000 litres of wine.  In the tasting room, two wines are available and to make the wine that much ‘better’, we are offered snail to sample.  Lyn and I don’t drink wine, nor would we even try snails, but the visit is interesting anyway.

We re-board the ship for another 4-course lunch while we sail to Tournus.  Here Lyn and I use the electric bikes to look around the region for an hour.  They are really great and without too much effort, we can get up to 30kph on them.

Back to the ship for our Farewell Dinner, we sit with 6 Canadians who seem to have had a lot of fun on the cruise and it turns into a hilarious night.  Two of the ladies are travel agents who work together so a lot of swapping of notes takes place.

Will we pack up at 10:00pm or wait until the early hours of the morning?  The second choice wins and we get up around 6:00am to pack our suitcases and get ready to leave for a 4-hour coach trip to Paris.  Farewell hugs are made with new friends and the long trip to Paris is underway.

This is the last post before we arrive back home so we hope you have enjoyed our trip up the Rhone River of Southern France.

Famous French People- Napoleon

Many described Napoleon as a madman for his dreams and ambitions, but he looked at them as goals within his reach that only required ambition and strength of character to achieve.  Napoleon Bonaparte was an exceptional military and political leader who had a considerable impact on European history.  He was a general during the French Revolution, the ruler of France as First Consul of the French Republic and Emperor of the First French Empire.  Napoleon’s ruse was one of the most influential periods in all history; moreover his code of laws became the basis for the French law.

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