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I was going to include the rest of the trip in the one post, but what is to be told about our stay in Dubai is enough to have its own post alone.

After a 4-hour coach transfer into Paris from ” Scenic Emerald”, we arrive at the Radisson Blu Hotel where we stay for the next 2 nights.  I don’t know why, but I don’t feel like doing lots in Paris apart from what we had planned back in Australia.  We have been in Paris in 2010 prior to the cruise up the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Budapest, and the weather isn’t too encouraging to get out and about.  We wander around the renowned La Fayette Department Store.  Lyn prices some lovely jackets – at such a lovely price, they are still in the store.  While Lyn takes a look at the floor of shoes, I take time-out on a bench and on Lyn’s return, I get a sharp prod to wake; I had fallen asleep.

We return to our hotel for an early night.  In the morning after breakfast, we take a tour through ‘The Opera’, a well-known Paris landmark.  With over 20,000 visitors a day, it rivals the numbers going through the Vatican but at a cheaper price.  We find a nice ‘self serve’ restaurant for lunch with some warming soup and French bread.

For this evening, we have booked a dinner at the Eiffel Tower, followed by a 1-hour cruise on the Seine River that winds through Paris.  After the cruise, it is off to see the world’s longest running show “Moulin Rouge”.

If ever you want to go up Eiffel Tower, make a dinner booking and you will get preferential treatment in getting into the Tower lift for the ascent.  There would have been 50 individuals in the lift that made it up to the restaurant and then on up to the second of 3 viewing levels of the tower. Sitting at our table were 2 other couples, 1 from the USA and the other from Australia.  The couple from Australia works for Telstra in Canberra and were having their first trip to Europe and the UK.  The meal was a set menu and definitely NOT to Scenic Standard.  The cruise started at 8:00pm.  This enabled us to get some good photos of the light show on the Eiffel Tower on the hour with our iPhones.  The commentary was in 8 different languages and the one girl translated each one fluently.

Now the next part of the evening was what one might call a great routine in ‘eye-ball gymnastics’.  The Moulin Rouge is a fantastic show of outfits and talent.  We will never forget seeing one girl dive into a giant pool that came up through the stage with 6 or 8 giant snakes swimming with her – spine chilling.  Apparently, half the dancers are Australian so we felt relaxed about that.  The show went through to 1:00am and we have another tour leaving at 9:00am in the morning to the Palace of Versaille where French Royalty used as their residence years ago.  In season, the gardens would look something special.  We get back to the hotel, pack and wait for our transfer to Charles de Gaulle Airport for our flight to Dubai.

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