150518 Mt McKinley to Kenai

Leaving Mt McKinley is like saying goodbye to a new friend. The mountain seems to take your thoughts into awesomeness and praise. The grandeur is hard to leave but we do as we have a 4-5 hour motor coach ride to our next destination on the Kenai Peninsular. Lyn counted the photos she had taken of the great mountain – 120.

We headed south towards the state capital of Anchorage. The scenery is still beautiful as we traveled beside the Great Alaskan Mountain Range which stretches for over 400 miles across the southern part of Alaska. (I say miles because we have gone back in time as USA has not gone metric with measurement yet.)

We stopped for an hour and a half lunch break in Anchorage after passing their small plane airport that has the most arrivals and departures of any small plane airport in the world. Time slips by quickly when you’re eating good food even if it is high in salt (must try and reduce the salt intake in case a menieres attack comes my way – thanks Lo for your observation).

Leaving Anchorage and heading east, we made our way towards more wilderness. Our tour is called ‘Off the Beaten Track’ so I guess thats where we need to get to. As we ventured closer to what is designated ‘wilderness’, we were treated to more beauty of the mountains beside the waters surrounding the peninsular. The cameras certainly were taking a great part in the experience.

Our accommodation for two nights is at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge. Our comfortable rooms, each with its own fireplace, are perched up the side of a mountain; great to walk down to the lodge but not to walk up from regularly – thanks shuttle driver.

We trekked down the mountain to view the swiftness and colour of a glacier fed river. The green colour was so different. Although we didn’t see any, salmon pass this way in their thousands on their way to their spawning fields upstream each season.

After a late dinner we return to our room in daylight at 10:00pm with the semi-darkness not arriving for another hour or so.

Tomorrow, we are taking a raft trip 11 miles down Kenai River. We haven’t done this type of venture before but have been promised that our cameras will be busy – nice idea!

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