150519 Kenai

This is a great place to relax in the wilderness. With tall mountains divided by busy mountain streams, clear air and great food, Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge is the place to be.

Yesterday, was not a busy day. Just a ride on a rubber raft 11 miles down the river from here. It was an easy, gentle river rafting expedition as ‘the older folks’ want to experience the concept of rafting on a river too.

Now we have viewed Alaska from a fixed wing aircraft, a Paddle Steam Boat, a motor coach, a helicopter, a train coach, and a rubber river raft; each with many moments of grandeur and awesome scenery to behold.

We will not forget Alaska. Being in a region that has extreme temperatures to -60 degrees Fahrenheit and knowing that much of the earth under your feet is frozen solid, never to thaw, is quite unbelieveable indeed. Hearing stories of dog races and the sometimes 1,000 miles that the team travel to maybe, finish last; I know that I wouldn’t want to try. After experiencing the ‘cold room’ at -40 degrees F for just 90 seconds doesn’t encourage me to live in conditions of such cold. Even our clothes were very cold on exit.

We have been blessed with good sunny days and comfortable accommodation, although not all 5 star. The locations have been superb. The staff have been helpful and ever willing to receive a tip for their efforts. (Thank goodness the currency is all the same colour – $1 is green, $10 is green. You can guess we dispensed lots of $1 bills – haha!)

Tomorrow, we motor coach to Whittier to join the ‘Coral Princess’ for the cruise down the inside passage to Vancouver. Stay with us.

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