150524 Juneau

When you study the map of the area we are in at present, you find that there is not a long way between the Yakutat Bay, Glacier Bay, Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan. However, there is much to see. Some on board have said they have had enough of the scenery of snow-capped mountains and hills and are looking forward to leaving the ship (whinging poms). The waterways are not busy like they are in the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea.

There were 5 cruise ships in Juneau yesterday but as we were the first ship to arrive, we were able a free run from our dock to the trail we walked. After being given all the safety advice (oh dear, they didn’t tell us about the fire extinguisher today), our group was divided into the faster walkers and the slower walkers. We chose the slower group, as we wanted to have some time photographing the scenes and wilderness along the way.

The climb took us up to over 1000 feet enabling us to look over the Mendenhall Glacier. We were thinking that we were going to get close to the base of the glacier but that was not to be. Lyn had done a rubber raft trip on the lake with the group she brought over here in 2008.

Our guide, John, pointed out the changes in the vegetation that has taken place in the last 26 years. Mosses and lichens have attached to the fallen branches of spruce that have secured their locations since the regression of the glacier. Little wild flowers have also taken their place within the vegetation.

John, our guide, thought we were British as his answer to our question, “Who is our Prime Minister?” was “David Cameron.” Ah, no John.

After returning to the town of Juneau, we took a quick walk up the main street, purchased some scrumptious chocolates and returned to the ship for lunch. Today, instead of going to the lido restaurant, we had lunch at the bar and grill and were able to eat out in the warm sunshine. Nearby were some deck beds that enabled us to have a good sleep in the sun. I even took on some lost colour.

Tomorrow, we arrive at Ketchikan at around 10:00am, the last stop before arriving at Vancouver on Wednesday our time.

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