150521 Yakutat Bay

Yakutat Bay is often known as Hubbard Glacier. The Glacier is 6 miles wide and faces right on ocean water. The face of it is higher than our ship is.

We ‘crept’ into close proximity to the face but were still well back so we could view the splendour of glacial wall. Calving is the term used to describe when parts of a glacier fall into the water. We saw, but didn’t capture on film or movie, about 8 different calving moments. They just happen. First you see it, then you often hear the bang of the ice exploding off the face of the glacier into the water.

We found a good viewing position up the front of the ship but it meant we had sore bottoms at the end of the 90 minutes or so we spent approaching the glacier. As the front of the decks of the ship is ‘walled’ with glass, it is hard to find a spot where you can poke the camera lenses through to capture the moment. And, you have to ‘fight’ your way to that spot where 100’s of other viewers want to be too.

The ship stayed up close to the glacial wall for about an hour, spinning around for those who were viewing from their balconies to enjoy the sacredness of the slow movement of the glacier. I’m sure that if the weather was not the fabulous sunshine we had, the scene would not be as awe inspiring. You probably are wondering why there isn’t more photos in the post – many of them are the same, lol!

Tomorrow, we visit Glacier Bay National Park and get up close to two other glaciers, Margerie and Lamplugh, and pass by John Hopkins.

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