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Skagway is yet another Alaskan town that came about because of a gold rush. It is an old looking town with timber being used for the sidewalks and old-style shops.

On arrival at 6:30am, we quickly had breakfast and uploaded the post for the day before. That done, I did the usual ‘logout.com’ and it seems that I didn’t give the computer long enough to properly get off the Wi-Fi Internet. On our return at lunch time, all the time we had purchased was ‘chewed up’. The guy in charge of the network has been kind and given us credit so we can upload our posts during the rest of the cruise.

The old Skagway railroad train was waiting for us to get on board for a picturesque trip up into the hills nearby to around 3,000 feet. It is a narrow gauge railway and the carriages are from way back, from pre-historic days. There were a few tressle bridges to traverse which made the train trip rather nice. It’s not long ago since they used to use steam engines but now 3 diesel engines did the task of hauling us up the gorges. The round trip was over 4 hours.

After a quick lunch and a short rest, we were met by a young lady who took us up the only road into, and out of, Skagway for a 15 mile down hill bike ride into the town. There were just 3 couples and after the ‘safety drill’ and ‘this is how you use and ride our bikes’ talk, we started the down hill run.

There was very little peddling with the brakes on most of the way. We stopped to view the valley from the other side to which our train journey had taken us. Magnificent! Within just a short distance of one another, we encountered a black bear then a brown bear. The black bear was behind the guard rail and hard to photograph and the brown bear worked out he shouldn’t be so close to humans and ran off down the steep embankment before I could get the camera ready.

The ride was a nice way to see the district and now we can say. “We saw a bear or two’.

We tried the buffet dinner and then went to a great show put on by the ship’s entertainment crew. Some texan folk have really taken to us as ‘our friends from down under’ and always greet us with handshakes and hugs and happy conversation.

Tomorrow, we are doing the Mendenhall Glacier Guide’s choice trail hike. It’s a 6 mile hike exploring the wonders of the Tongass National Forest. Check it out tomorrow.

Seniors Moment

I know that some of you have been waiting for our Senior’s Moments section. Well, we havent had one until we were told about one by an Australian couple from Brisbane. When she was going through boarding procedures in Seattle, the guy at the boarding gate said, “Could I see your boarding pass?” With hesitation, she presented her fingers thinking he had said, “Could I see your body parts?”

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