150527 Cruise to Camper

The amount of organization to get everyone off a cruise ship is unbelievable. Collecting bags from outside our rooms, mustering many people to get off in groups according to luggage tag colors, having transfer coaches arrive at the specified time as well as loading passengers and supplies before the evening departure of the next cruise, would bring headaches that I didn’t want (I have my own), so I let someone else do it.

Our transfer to our camper pick up was to arrive 2 hours after our disembarkation so we sat in a Starbucks sipping hot chocolate and catching up on Internet needs. There are a few people I play ‘Yahtzee With Friends’ with who had been sending reminders during the cruise and it was time for me to make my moves. (what did we do before that came along?)

After arriving at the camper van depot at mid day, we spent two hours going over the rental documents and being given a ‘how does everything work’ tour. We were then given instructions where to find a supermarket and phone store but they fell on deaf ears (I didn’t have my hearing aids in haha). So we drove. There are a lot of forgiving people in Canada who “would love to go to Australia”. They did eventually get us to where we wanted to go. After an hour in the supermarket we were 2 hours just getting prepaid SIM cards for our phones (it’s quicker buying a house).

We found the Highway heading east and eventually a sign that said Lake Culter. Then we found a campground to park for the night albeit without hookups – but free wifi. I recall Lyn saying on the ship “I hope I remember how to cook after all this nice food.” She did very well while I continued doing research for my book, “You can sit there as long as you talk to me.” I found an ex truckie willing to provide another short chapter. Haha!

The camper van is a Winnebago Touring Coach on a Mercedes frame. A little narrow inside but will get us through – we are glad we don’t have hips like so many did on the cruise. The bed up the back is a ‘makeup every night’ arrangement used as a lounge dinning room during the day. With a very small bathroom, campground showers will be used when required (daily) and available. I have banged my head 4 times getting into the drivers seat from the van and 3 other times on the cupboard doors above the kitchen bench. I gouged my arm on a corner while making the bed – found blood on my hand while researching that new chapter for my book. There are also many mosquitoes willing to keep us company – hope they don’t found out where our blood is kept.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we head towards the Canadian Rockies hoping to get to Revelstoke for the night.

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  1. I love reading your post Fritz…having a little giggle at your expense……LOL! Enjoy exploring Canada…..I bet you’ll add a few more Chapters to your book by the time this adventure ends…..he,he.

  2. If you don’t want the mosquitoes finding your blood supply, stop advertising it by gouging yourself 🙂

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